•  Is it important to buy a certified diamond?

If you are buying a diamond above 0.25 carat in size, it is important to buy a certified diamond. The certificate is your guarantee that the diamond has been independently tested to ensure that it has not been artificially enhanced in any way and that it has been professionally graded to assess the carat weight, colour and clarity. However, not all diamond grading labs adhere to the same strict standards. This is why at Kasturi Diamond we only buy GIA,SGL , IGI certified diamonds to ensure we offer diamonds conforming to the most rigorous standards.

•  What level of fluorescence do your diamonds have?

Nearly all naturally occurring diamonds have some degree of fluorescence. However, At Kasturi Diamond we only offer diamonds which have either 'no fluorescence' or have been graded as having 'faint' or 'slight' fluorescence. At this low level, any fluorescence does not affect the beauty of the diamond. We do not sell any diamonds with fluorescence above this level.

•  Do you sell conflict diamonds?

'Conflict diamonds' is a term used to describe diamonds that originate from areas controlled by forces or factions opposed to legitimate and internationally recognised governments and are used to fund military action in oppositions to those governments, or in contravention of the decisions of the Security Council. Our policy on conflict diamonds is absolutely rigorous. We will not buy, sell or handle any diamonds of unclear provenance

•  Where can I get more information to help me choose?

If you would like expert advice on any aspect of diamonds or diamond jewellery from one of our qualified assistance please call us on +91-020-65288998 or email us at Support@kasturidiamond.com. We can give you a no obligation telephone. You may also like to sign up to a complimentary buying guide where you will receive extremely useful information and advice on what to look for when choosing a diamond ring.

•  Do you have diamonds in between the carat weight choices on your website?

Yes, in fact we hold in stock a number of diamonds just below the main carat options as these can offer excellent value for money giving a diamond which is very close in appearance to the larger size but for significantly lower cost. If you would like us to quote for a specific size of diamond please contact us to discuss in more detail. If you do order a particular carat weight through our website we guarantee that the diamond you will receive will be at least this carat weight