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Shining One within Bow Diamond Shining One within Bow Diamond
15% Off
Cross Line Diamond Ring Cross Line Diamond Ring
Rs  44,609 Rs  52,482
15% Off
Classic Garland Diamond Ring Classic Garland Diamond Ring
15% Off
Sage of Mellow Ring Sage of Mellow Ring
Rs  45,386 Rs  53,395
15% Off
Engraved Flower Diamond Ring Engraved Flower Diamond Ring
15% Off
Zingy Flower Shape Diamond Rin Zingy Flower Shape Diamond Rin
15% Off
Reverent Luxary Gents Ring Reverent Luxary Gents Ring
Rs  46,937 Rs  55,220
15% Off
Five Round Diamond Ring Five Round Diamond Ring
Rs  47,630 Rs  56,036
15% Off
Classic Vivaan Diamond Ring Classic Vivaan Diamond Ring
15% Off
Classic Floral Diamond Ring Classic Floral Diamond Ring
15% Off
Shining Stout Diamond Ring Shining Stout Diamond Ring
Rs  48,816 Rs  57,431
15% Off
Rounded Diamond Ring Rounded Diamond Ring
Rs  52,691 Rs  61,990
15% Off
Be Unique Diamond Ring Be Unique Diamond Ring
Rs  54,484 Rs  64,098
15% Off
Multi Round Diamond Ring Multi Round Diamond Ring
Rs  55,118 Rs  64,845
15% Off
Ornament Diamond Ring Ornament Diamond Ring
Rs  55,461 Rs  65,248
15% Off
Definite Triangle Diamond Ring Definite Triangle Diamond Ring
13% Off
Eternal Bold Diamond Ring Eternal Bold Diamond Ring
Rs  66,780 Rs  76,759
10% Off
Kia Diamond Ring Kia Diamond Ring
Rs  106,251 Rs  118,056

Our rings selection is replete with stylish and spectacular pieces that are apt for engagements, weddings, anniversaries or for that matter any special occasion that calls for showing your undying love for a special one. In our treasure trove of beautiful jewellery, you are bound to find exceptional and enchanting pieces like diamond rings, rose gold rings, platinum rings, Navratna rings, solitaire rings, and so much more. From intricate designs to colorful gems to the classic diamond, when it comes to rings, we have a dizzying array to offer. All of our rings are expertly crafted by experienced karigars and is emblematic of our promise of quality, purity, and enduring beauty.

Engagement rings
Engagement is one of life's most intimate and important occasions; to put it simply - it is the precursor to marriage and warrants a special gift that serves as a symbol of love and devotion and commitment. Our exquisite range of engagement rings is a mix of traditional elegance and contemporary aesthetics, which means there is something for everyone.

Wedding rings
Wedding rings come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. They rest on the fingers of two people who make a solemn promise to be with each other through the thick and thin, the ups and downs, all the way to the end. Wedding rings, whether made in gold or platinum, can be adorned in dainty details and passed down to future generations as a gorgeous heirloom piece communicating a storied past.

Women’s rings
No matter how you slice it, nothing can beat the glamour and allure of a diamond ring. Ultra-feminine and forever elegant, diamond rings make for the perfect lustrous gifts. From the painstakingly detailed filigree rose gold ring to the Navratna ring adorned with delicate scrollwork, there is no dearth of options for women’s rings.

Men’s rings
While it is true that women are more inclined toward jewellery and are involved in every little facet of jewellery shopping, there is, however, an increasing number of men who are taking interest in wedding and engagement rings. That is because a wedding/engagement ring isn’t just a symbol of love but also of equality and what better way to show your better half that they are loved, respected, and care for equally. Men’s rings are sturdier and without too many details or adornments. Our rings featuring subtle designs, understated gems, and engravings are popular with men and lend themselves as memorable gifts that they'll cherish for years to come.

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