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Solitaire Rings
No other piece of jewellery quintessentially defines love and commitment as decidedly as a solitaire ring does. Don't believe us? Just picture this scenario - you see a complete stranger on a train station and spot a beautiful solitaire diamond ring on them - without you knowing them personally, just by looking at the ring you could correctly surmise that they are engaged! That's the association a classic diamond solitaire ring has with betrothal and wedding! The options are more than you can shake a stick at and the only two things that can possibly prove to be limiting are designs and budget but we have got that covered too, as you can expect to find the perfect solitaire diamond ring at Kasturi Diamond at a price that keeps both your heart and wallet happy!
While it's true that the magnetism of a painstakingly detailed solitaire engagement ring is difficult to resist, women, particularly, the millennial ladies, are rather opting for designs that lean towards minimalism which afford versatility and easiness while going on about the daily grind of everyday life. A smaller diamond solitaire ring with a Princess or Cushion cut will ensure that the gem reflects delicately and add to your special day with their glorious sparkle.
The most popular choice of metal for solitaire rings for women is - of course, platinum. Not only is platinum favored for its exclusivity and its alluring ability to beautifully complement the center gem without vying for attention but is also durable - a criterion that is as important as the design and budget. A classic diamond solitaire ring set in yellow gold will expertly camouflage the yellow tints present in the diamond. Whatever metal you choose for your solitaire engagement ring, the idea is for it to enhance the appearance of the center gem and not try to upstage it!
Likewise, if you are someone with a definite liking for the extra bling, then we’d suggest you try an ornate mounting design. But this must be done with restraint as going overboard with embellishment can rob your diamond of its much-deserved spotlight. Remember again, the idea is to give the center stone an edge and add to its look.