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Cocktail Rings
While we are known for our intricately designed engagement rings for men and women, there's another type of ring that we hold a specialty in, cocktail rings! Going by what we have been hearing for the past couple of seasons is that cocktail rings are enjoying a resurgence. Well, if you ask us, they were never gone! Cocktail rings rose to prominence during the 1930s and 40s, precisely during the prohibition era which saw an upswing in cocktail parties that attracted the well-heeled and filthy rich people of the society. Bold and edgy, cocktail rings became a staple at these glitzy parties and wearing them became a fashion norm.
To say that cocktail ring designs are endless is a bit of an understatement. You can choose a cocktail ring in every conceivable design, style, and color! Whatever style or construction you opt for, just keep one thing in mind, always go for a piece that which you are comfortable carrying off with ease. Some cocktail rings are known to be unwieldy owing to their larger-than-life shape and style but you don't have to settle for a piece that doesn't allow you to hold your drink with style! With our dizzying array of cocktail rings, you are sure to find that perfect piece that will not just add oodles of verve to your party ensemble but will also perfectly complement your personality.
While there's no rule set in stone when it comes to the preferred choice of stone for the cocktail ring, we know that women hanker for their best friend aka diamond to make a stellar appearance on the ring. Diamond cocktail rings can feature a spectacular and oversized gemstone or a design composed of a number of small gemstones. If you are someone with slender fingers, we’d recommend going for cocktail rings featuring striking big stones set in thick bands. Women with small fingers can opt for designs that showcase smaller colored gemstones in delicate bands.
As an essential accessory of the cocktail jewellery, this gorgeous and ostentatious piece deserves as much consideration while buying as any other piece of fashion jewellery.