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The trend of floral Jewellery might have been quite long but now brides are getting crazier about it. The beautiful vibrant and dainty floral Jewellery utmost delicacy perfectly match the colourful vibes of Engagement. We also love how this gorgeous piece of Jewellery creates are furthermore leaving a precious stone with their ethereal and ever-evolving designs. Whether it is a piece of floral Jewellery or the flowers of the one customization, brides are blessed with a wide variety to choose diamond floral Jewellery. Can there be anything as beautiful as flowers? When beauty grows on plants, you call it a flower but when beauty glows on fingers, you call it floral Jewellery. Buy floral Jewellery online! From the ancient woman who adorned her fingers with wildflowers to the modern fashionista who wears floral Jewellery patterns to make a fashion statement, women's love affair with floral Jewellery continues. New trends and designs may come in the Jewellery industry, but floral Jewellery designs will enjoy an everlasting bloom for another thousand Jewellery and more. Such is the flower power.

As with many other ornaments, the history of floral Jewellery dates back to ancient times. The creative Jewellery makers of those times were accomplished at turning flowers and leaves into beautiful Jewellery. With the discovery of gold and other precious metals, people started recreating floral patterns on the Jewellery they made. Buy Floral Jewellery designs, as we see them today, rose in popularity during the nineteenth century. Designers of the Victorian era were quite fond of the floral theme, so they made Jewellery in intricate floral patterns. A piece of tiny Jewellery to mount golden flowers on brooches and Jewellery such that the flowers fluttered as if they were real. The Art Nouveau period and the coming centuries made creative use of the Floral Design Jewellery to make Jewellery and other ornaments in precious metals. The Jewellery industry witnessed a full bloom of the floral theme since then which is still in fashion. Inspired by the world love for the floral motif, the designers at Kasturi store to you an exquisite range of floral Jewellery online. Now you can take a look at our entire range at the comfort of your home or office and you can also buy floral Jewellery designs online from us. We also run deals on selected pieces in order to double your happiness. Even if there are no deals running on the piece you love, worry not. We have kept our floral ring prices affordable.

Take a look at our stunning range of floral Jewellery designs and we are sure you will fall in love with them instantly. If you can’t decide between two pieces, we suggest you buy them all. It is not easy for us to pick something from an ever-growing list of floral ring designs. However, in order to make your life easier, we have compiled a list of floral Jewellery designs that are hit with our customers. Despite its club with the awful cotton candy, pink is considered by many as the chicest colour. Think about it. The colour even got its own city -the pink city of Jaipur! Inspired by people’s love for pink, the designers at Kasturi have crafted mesmerising floral Jewellery using rose gold.

Our collection of floral Jewellery online in rose gold includes the Exquisite floral sparkle diamond ring, the stunning florets earring, floral pendant, and the floral garden diamond earrings. These Jewellery fashioned after the classic flower diamond ring are made of gold and are embellished with dazzling diamonds. Well, when you want to wear flowers in style, wear gold. The glitter of gold will never go out of fashion and that’s why we suggest Memories Ring and the four corners floral rings in gold. The former is emphasized with diamonds while the latter features white pearl and diamonds. Another diamond ring that steals the show is the Love Ring. Flowers are all about colours for those who like colours we have the half flower Ring, small diamond stud earrings and the twinkling flower earrings. Made of gold these Jewellery are embellished with a diamond and multi colour metals. The above is just a drape raiser. Take your time to explore the range and choose the one that makes your heart leap with joy. Opt floral