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A piece of gemstone jewelry is a combination of nine gems that are according to Indian astrology that have a profound impact on human life. It is linked with nine planets that are perfect companions this season. We are here they are an angel in disguise, rubbing off there is a fairy who stand by them. Gems studded is the best means of celebrating something festive be a cocktail get together with family or friends relatively casual. The stone has all the occasion covered designs from our exquisite collection and flaunt them with any outfit you have especially kept aside with the best designs, colors, and textures, this season offers perfect blends of stones and patterns. All that you have to do is to choose from the endless variety of mesmerizing sparkles, buy diamond and gemstone jewelry designs, and embark on the happy journey this season. Embrace yourselves as you are about to experience the best jewelry scene anyone has ever seen.

Multi-colored gemstone jewelry online pieces incorporating the nine precious gemstones or gemstones are captured in beautiful creations seen in the form of finger rings and necklaces. The pretty rings include the Ring, studded Ring, Emerald Ring, and Ruby Ring. Beautiful studs seen in this range are the Stud Earrings, the three-round ruby Earrings, the shining twirls Earrings, and the red design curve earrings. If fewer colors are what you need, tone down the hues with the collection that never goes out of style or the sapphire collection. Choose from the diamond and blue sapphire embellishments of the bluestone diamond Earrings, the pink stud Earrings, the maroon diamond Earrings, and the green oval shape diamond Earrings. The Ruby represents the sun and is in the centre, surrounded by a diamond on the top that represents Venus which moving clockwise comes the Pearl that represents the Moon that controls the mind, followed by the Red Coral representing Mars and the Hessonite Garnet representing Rahu Saturn the karmic planet comes next represented by the blue sapphire that is ideally placed towards the direction of the heart. As if these weren’t enough with the collection extending to pendants as well.

Take a look at the sky diamond pendant, the ray of sun diamond pendant, the love unfold diamond Pendant and the heart on fire Pendant. These and more diamond and gemstone jewelry designs at the tap of a finger from the convenience of your homes. The Cat’s eye represents Ketu after which comes the Yellow Sapphire representing Jupiter the planet of knowledge. The Emerald comes last just before diamond, completing the circle and represents Mercury, the source of intellect and communication. This arrangement should be followed religiously for the gemstones to be effective and is available with us. A huge range of festive diamond and gemstone jewelry designs with different twirls, interlacing patterns and more. Whether it is the hunt for flowers, your quest for pearls or lust for vibrant hues, we have got it covered. Hopping on to gems accompanying their soul diamond, are intricate designs in the earrings category ranging from the Embellished Radiance Earrings, the Kopal Earrings to the two pearl chakra Earrings and the lamp shape Earrings.

These Gemstones can also be worn individually to control the planets influence over our lives, popularly termed as astrological rings but gemstones are worn to control the influence of not one but all nine planets combined. The blue diamond ring that gemstones are very popular among Indians and has been used by kings and royals for the very same reason. It was a very popular piece of jewelry worn by Mughals, Rajput, and Marathas alike. Buy Gemstone jewelry online is also sometimes designed as necklace sets, bangles, pendant sets, etc. but the most popular form still remains the ever famous Dew and diamond gemstone jewelry online. This is because traditionally the arrangement of these gems is always in a form that resembles the rotation of planets.