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Mangalsutra is a form of Jewellery that’s worn exclusively by Indian women as a sign of their marriage. It comprises a pendant along with a beaded chain. The beaded chain is called Tanmaniya. The pendant is called mangalsutra pendant. Here you will find more than 500 Mangalsutra designs of mangalsutra pendants both in diamond and gold options. You can style these pendants in your choice of chain i.e. a Tanmaniya or a usual gold chain and you’re good to go! Historically, the tradition of wearing the latest Mangalsutra designs seems to have originated in ancient times. Sanskrit origin term “Mangala Sutra” refers to “Auspicious Holy Thread”. A ceremony called “Mangalya Dharanam” refers to “wearing the auspicious” which is popular in Hindu culture. It's a holy necklace or string, which the groom ties around the bride’s neck on the occasion of their marriage.
Women wearing Mangalsutra are identified as married. It’s a cultural practice across India and an essential of any Hindu marriage. This also mentioned in the ancient legal text among the many Dharma according to Hindu culture. Mangalsutra is an ornament of a woman denoting her marital status, which will be in gold with white, red or black beads and diamonds, depending on each india region and culture. As per the Hindu tradition, women wear the latest Mangalsutra designs for their husband’s long life. Every region has its own beautiful interpretation of the marital cord. In North India, people wear the latest Mangalsutra designs, which has a pendant with diamonds and two strands of black beads sometimes scattered with gold beads and black beads. Today in India, with modern times the trend of wearing diamond Mangalsutra online is fast catching up. We offer exclusive designs of Diamond Mangalsutras for both regular and occasional wear.
We offer diamond Mangalsutras with traditional as well as contemporary designs, with the combination of gemstones, which go well with different kinds of attire. Here you can get exclusive Diamond Studded Mangalsutra collection called Soulmate to shine best mangalsutra with simple elegant designs, for daily, office and occasional wear. The majority of people wish to buy Mangalsutra online as per their requirements. We also offer matching earrings for the best Mangalsutra pendants. One of the best pieces listed under this collection is wishful flower mangalsutra. Plain gold Mangalsutra are best suitable for daily wear. Kasturi offers beautiful plain gold latest Mangalsutra designs in 22kt gold purity with affordable prices. The patterns are with traditional and contemporary concepts for both traditional and modern wear. Plain gold Mangalsutra is also easy to maintain. We offer an exclusive plain gold Mangalsutra collection called Deepika gold mangalsutra with elegant designs. We also offer matching earrings for the Mangalsutra pendants.
One of the best pieces listed under this collection is a traditional Maharashtrian gold mangalsutra. You can find all the latest designs here. The latest addition to our existing lot is design. Keep visiting our store to keep updated with the latest designs trending in the fashion world. These also make fancy daily wear. If you were planning to ditch it to look fancy, you are making a mistake. We have a bunch of trendy designs that can be worn to work place daily. Here are some suitable designs for office and work. You always like old college and still love the concept of gold mangalsutra designs. We have something for you too. These designs have the perfect mix of tradition and design. Here are some of the top designs you should consider floral and oval shape design.
We also have festive wear designs like Mugdha mangalsutra, Falguni, Nirmyi gold mangalsutra. They are all part of our wedding collection. Old is gold, but no one can escape the shine of diamonds. For all those of you who love diamonds, we have a bunch diamond mangalsutra designs for you as well. From daily wear to party wear, they are suitable for multiple occasions and vary from budget to premium pricing to suit your needs. For premium priced designs, you can check out blooming floral Mangalsutra, Pear diamond Mangalsutra, and glowing circle Mangalsutra. If you are looking for daily wear budget Tanmania, you can check out Riya, Juhi, Bloom, Classic, Suhani, etc. Shopping Jewellery from a store always restricts you to a bunch of designs. However, while shopping online at Kasturi, you get the liberty to check out unlimited designs without irritating the middleman. You can also customize our Jewellery based on Gold color, gold purity, and diamond quality. Customers like to buy Mangalsutra online shopping due to the wide range of exclusive Mangalsutra designs and competitive Mangalsutra prices online.