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Platinum Pendants
From royals to celebrities, the allure and fascination with platinum has been absolute and shows no signs of waning. From its sturdiness to immaculate shine, platinum, for centuries has been a favorite choice of metal to fashion jewellery pieces that epitomize timeless beauty and grace. Platinum is used to craft all kinds of beautiful jewellery including pendants. Our striking collection of platinum pendants for men and women represent classic styles with contemporary aesthetics. All our platinum pendants are created painstakingly with passion and precision by our skilled team of craftsmen. They pour their hearts and souls into crafting gorgeous and one-of-its-kind platinum pendants that are replete with equal parts elegance and glamour.
Platinum Pendant Designs
Owing to its high malleability, platinum can be seamlessly fashioned into a variety of stunning designs. While it’s true that platinum is coveted for its sophisticated shine and its glorious partnership with precious gemstones, most notably - diamonds, part of its desirability also stems from its strength. Not only is platinum used for making jewellery but is also used as a trusted material for making spacecraft and turbine engines. Our platinum pendant designs are fastidiously handcrafted from the robust and ravishing silver metal into elegant forms including conjoined hearts, intricate florals, delicate paisleys, pear drops and many more.

Platinum Jewellery Online Platinum is rare but it doesn’t mean it can’t be accessed. If you are looking for a timelessly chic and classic gift for a near and dear one, then you have arrived at the right place. At Kasturi Diamond, not only will you get to choose from a wide array of enchanting platinum jewellery designs but you can also have the luxury of browsing through our selection from the comfort of your home on your mobile screen! Buy platinum jewellery online at Kasturi Diamond with the assurance of quality and zero percent EMI! Buying platinum jewellery online might seem trickier given that you only have the pictures of the product to view and no tactile experience per se to determine its quality and look. However, at Kasturi Diamond, we ensure hassle-free exchange so that you don’t feel encumbered or forced to keep the piece you have ordered.