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Women’s rings
Kasturi women’s rings collection features everyday pieces with striking details. Inspired from spiritual objects and each ring is strong and unique enough to be worn on its own, yet stunning as a layering piece. Our women’s rings are designed crafted by hand in our store in Pune.
Choosing a ladies finger ring for the woman you love is no breeze and it probably sounds too cliched when we say that it is one of the most intimidating tasks to undertake. But when you are cherry-picking something special for someone special, you want to ensure that everything falls into the place smoothly and perfectly. Which is why women’s ring designs have always been a matter of great importance and consideration.
When there is a myriad of different kinds of women's ring designs, why so much pressure on the finger rings? Well, given the emotional and cultural significance of the ritual, it goes without saying that a finger rings designs for female stands for something far more important than just sealing the deal; it represents the eternal promise of love and togetherness and therefore warrants careful thought.

Women’s rings designs
Our Jewellery artillery is armed with diverse settings, styles, and designs, which in other words means, you are 100% sure to find the ring design for women that you have always wanted to slip your finger into! Chic, classic, contemporary, conventional-with-a-twist; in short anything under the sun can be found in our growing collection of women’s engagement rings for women. Whether your heart sings for a cushion cut diamond or a timelessly elegant round cut diamond rings for women your chimes, its sparkle and brilliance is perfectly balanced and complemented by gold.
A well-cut diamond in a gorgeous setting will add the perfect sparkle and grace to your special occasion. While a gold engagement ring is what every bride-to-be craves for, rose-gold, from the gold family with pleasing portions of copper and not to forget - its delightful pinkish tinge is winning hearts shape female rings. If you are looking for an option that is ideal in terms of aesthetics and affordability then look no further than rose gold ring design for female. Our massive selection of rose gold rings for women come in a range of alluring ring design for female.
What is more interesting about rose gold is that it can hold out against the everyday wear and tear and last for a lifetime whilst developing a beautiful patina that will add to the ring design for women character and beauty. Thanks to its pretty pinkish hue and natural warmth rose gold rings for women are perfect for antique-inspired styling
Whenever women discussed the Jewellery has been mentioned from precious stone to precious metal. The long cascading ear drops, huge neck piece, beautiful heavy-looking nose rings, and bangle are part of dressing Female Rings are around a band of metal worn usually on the finger. Women's Rings worn to delicate ladies finger ring is adorable. The strange little fingers are wrapped with different size and shape of rings for girls. One will be amazed to know that there are armor ring, classic ring, and engagement rings for girls design and so on. The tradition might have been passed down not by mythological figures with often are seen to possess various moments.
Women's Ring New Designs are eye-catchers are available in varied styles. One needs women's ring latest designs to go to find that mesmerizing ring that will raise many brows. It will be treated like a princess. The religious design ones have their share of elegance in the form of religious rings for girls. These rings especially the Navratna rings with the nine gemstones studded ring will be the ultimate that one can possess. You can go a step further to show your eternal love towards your beloved wife, check out women's Ring Price before committing her. In some Indian weddings, some groom to love to present their beloved kind of gift. Exclusive eternity female rings for women reflect immortal love. Keep your shopping secret and buy finger rings designs for female. A ring is a band of love that every husband has to gift his wife.