Our Team

Rishikesh Jarhad

Rishikesh Jarhad is the Founder of the kasturidiamond.com has over 5 years of experience in Diamond Jewellery. Rishi has completed Diploma in Metallurgy from the college of Government Polytechnic of Pune. He has started his kasturidiamond.com in 2015 with a vision to make Kasturi diamond as a leading Brand in E-commerce. Rishi is currently taking care of strategic alliances for the company and responsible for domestic and International market expansion.

Chandrakirti Waigaonkar

Chandrakirti, Founder of the kasturidiamond.com comes with wide 7 years of experience of Diamond Industry. He has studied engineering from Aurangabad and has an MBA Finance from Pune University. He looks after all the finances and fund raising activity for the company.

Vishwas Jarhad

Vishwas is currently heading the Production & Quality department in kasturidiamond.com. Vishwas is certified gemologist from Indian Institute of Diamond & Association and having 24 years of work experience of Diamond production in companies like Gitanjali Gems, Goldium & Suraj Diamonds.

Taresh Kurhe

Taresh Kurhe, Head Digital Marketing is responsible for all online marketing activities. He is having 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing for B2C segment. In his spare time, Taresh likes to run, read, and solve crosswords. He also loves spending time with his family when he’s not working.