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A plain gold chain adds simplicity and elegance in your look which is no other piece of Jewellery can. A beautiful gold chain that complements your everyday style, and completes your look that is so stunning. Shop from our new collection of a variety of styles and gold chain designs. A piece of the most important Jewellery set like a gold chain that is your favorite ornaments that are loaded with lots of emotional value. Let us make think it will have to be a piece of gold Jewellery. But wait, we are sure that for more people reading this article, it will be a simple plain gold chain with a pendant. You know why such a declaration can be made about simple gold chain design.

In India, a plain gold chain has lots of cultural value. It is the most encouraging gift that is exchanged between the houses of the bride and groom in many communities during wedding ceremonies. In many parts of India, the Mangalsutra or best gold chain design is worn not on black-beaded chains, but on gold chains. Not only women but even men are equally anxious about wearing a chain around their neck. Celebrities have caught on this fashion of wearing a gold chain. In fact, simple chains made of plain gold are a timeless choice among Jewellery buff. It goes well with all our dressing styles. You can see people beautify it as the most famous accessory as early as the eighteenth century. Even those who rather liked the understated dressing style would carry one in their neck. Its size and length varied with fashion and vogue, but chains never lost their popularity. They have endured a fashion and will continue to do so with changing times. It is the first choice as a gift to celebrate a special occasion and the best accessory to wear with formal, casual and classy attire.

We have a collection of plain gold chains has a little something for everyone. Whether you are dazzling in an ethnic outfit or shocking out in your favorite tee and denim, a finely crafted chain in white or gold is all you need to look your best! As already noticed, plain gold chains have always been a popular choice among men and women. So, it’s not surprising that this category has many patterns and designs. Some of the most popular styles in plain gold chains are the holo gold chain, Nawabi gold chain, fashion frill gold chain, and chunky gold chain. Other styles trending among Jewellery lovers include transparent gold chain, spangle fashion gold chain, gold ball chain, Figaro gold chain, firm interlocked gold chain, modest cable gold chain, twin wave gold chain, and many more. All plain chains are particularly a series of loops or links joined together. The design of each chain varies as per the design of the loop. We guess you get the picture. In our online store, you will get the most popular designs in plain gold chain online shopping. Out of so many designs that have been mentioned above, the cable and belcher patterns are the most preferred ones for their delicate and elegant design. They are always trendy and always fashionable. The charming foxtail gold Chain made in 22kt gold is among the best plain gold chains you can find online.

If you want something heavier, look for the classy gemstone simple gold Chain design made of 22kt gold. It looks best when worn in choker length with a stylish little pendant. But if you wish to style with something more fashionable, then just pick up the twisted gold Chain made of 22kt white gold. Browse through our collection to see our entire range of chains and choose the one that appeals to you. Well, now you need a pendant to go with it. At Kasturi, we offer a wide range of simple gold chain design. If you have chosen a gold chain, go for a gold pendant that matches its glitter. You can also choose gemstone pendants to make a colorful statement. Those who choose plain gold chains can pair it with white gold or diamond pendants. Don’t forget to customize your chain with the preferred length by choosing the size of the chain. When it comes to the plain gold chain online shopping, you get to choose designs from different price ranges with an option of EMI.